Term & Conditions

In the event of a Scratched Horse (SCR), all transactions will be considered void.

All accepted bets are not allowed to cancel or revise. If there is any technical issues which caused the bets was accepted, it will be announce as void and refund.

Customers are obliged to check that the bet instructions they submitted are correct before confirming the bet. We reserve the right not to accept, or accept only a part, of any bet.

We reserve the right to refuse all or any part of a bet offered to us, void any accepted bets and withhold settlement if we have reason to believe:

  1. If a meeting is abandoned, single bets are void and wagers will be refunded.
  2. All wagers are subject to time. If any bet is accepted, but afterwards found to have been taken after the actual starting time, the bet will be voided and refunded.
  3. We reserve the right to void/cancel wagers if found Conspiracy / Dishonest / Abnormal Syndicate Pool Manipulation Transactions.
  4. If there is any discrepancy between English language version of these Rules and Regulations and any other language version, the English language version supercedes the other languages and is deemed correct and valid.

Further information and conditions applicable to our products and services are set out in the Specific Rules, and we reserve the right to amend such information and conditions at any time.

We reserve the right to amend these general rules and term condition. However, we will make reasonable efforts to ensure that any significant changes to these Terms and Conditions will be notified to the Customer via a prominent notice on these Terms and Conditions.

Payout Rules

Maximum payout for Win is 60
Maximum payout for Place is 20
FC Maximum payout is 200
PFT Maximum payout is 60

In the event that the turf club’s “Place” payout is more than the “Win” payout, SRC “Place” payout will not exceed the “Win” payout.

All the final results and payout dividend will be based on the respective turf club final decision EXCEPT those special betting/payout rules which stated as below.

  1. Horse & Harness Payout rules
  2. Dogs Racing Payout rules
  3. Special Race Betting Rules
  4. Un-backed winning runner payout rules

Horse & Harness Payout rules

Dogs Racing Payout rules

Special Race Betting Rules

Un-backed winning runner payout rules

In the event where official turf club has announced officially that the race meeting has no bet/wagers on the winning runner. We shall giving out “un-backed” payout as below

  1. "Unbacked" Payout for Win is 1:60
  2. "Unbacked" Payout for Place [SHOW] is 1:20

Unbacked means there is no bet / wagers on the winning runner.